• A Premier Address for Today’s Industries A Premier Address for Today’s Industries
    The award-winning 1200-acre Heritage Center, located on a former US DOE complex, has become a model now emulated across the country. Both new and renovated industrial buildings are available for sale or lease, as well as acreage located near “industrial strength” utility systems. 

The Nationwide Model for Reindustrialization

The Heritage Center Industrial Park is a large industrial complex spawned from the Manhattan Project. In 1996, a Reindustrialization program was launched by DOE and the Oak Ridge community that focused on the reuse of DOE‘s former research and development facilities while DOE continued its D&D program. The enormous success of this program to date now serves as a model for DOE‘s Reindustrialization efforts across the country.

By Road, River, or Rail

With direct access to the Heritage Railroad (link to Heritage Railroad page), an 11.5 mile short line providing common carrier service to all of Heritage Center’s corporate residents, Heritage Center offers inter-modal access to the Norfolk Southern Railroad and the national rail transportation system.

The “Industrial Strength” infrastructure offered here is second to none, (former DOE facilities here once consumed 12% of the nation‘s entire power output) and can accommodate nearly any corporate need imaginable. With immediate four-lane access to the Interstate crossroads of the Southeast, Heritage Center is at the top of the list of places to be considered as a site for growing corporations, in addition, Heritage Center offers barge facilities and river access for on-water shipping.

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